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About Powrmatic

Powrmatic Company Ltd. is a British company producing a comprehensive range of high quality, modern, reliable and highly energy-efficient air heaters for wide application in facilities services, industrial and commercial customers in the domestic and foreign markets. 

Powrmatic (UK)


Powrmatic Ltd. has 50 years of experience in the production of air heaters and can provide designers, clients and users of the unquestionable professionalism of the Company which is proven by ability to meet the technical and commercial requirements, and thus customer satisfaction.


Manufacturing facilities, located in Somerset, is a modern factory using the most modern production methods and quality control in practice, thus allowing our company to competently meet the challenges of technical and commercial requirements found in today's market.

In parallel with the production of air heaters Powrmatic Ltd. also produces a large comprehensive range of equipment and ventilation components, including systems for gravity and forced ventilation, smoke, and all are designed and manufactured to fulfill the latest requirements of national standards.Powrmatic Ltd. is also associated with the company SFL UK (Selkirk, UK), which manufactures a wide range of high quality exhaust systems and chimneys for residential, commercial and industrial applications, both for the domestic market and for export.


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