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About Roberts-Gordon and products

ROBERTS GORDON ® Company, headquartered in Buffalo, New York, USA, for nearly 80 years is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of equipment for heating with hot air and infrared radiation. In addition to offices in the U.S. has manufacturing facilities in Wednesbury (UK) and sales representatives in Romsey, Hants (United Kingdom) and Grimsby (Canada).


RG-Buffalo,USA Wednesbury,UK
Buffalo (USA) Wednesbury (UK)
Grimsby (Canada)


The company is committed to providing excellent products, service and support in such a way that will more meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Products ROBERTS GORDON ® both radiant type and intended for heating with hot air provides a comfortable, economical and reliable way to heat a wide variety of types of objects in the world.

Use your ROBERTS GORDON ® equipment

ROBERTS GORDON ® heaters are ideal for heating the sheds, mechanical establishments, factories, garages, buildings, agricultural, horticultural distribution centers, greenhouses, houses and buildings, zoos, department stores, wholesalers, warehouses, loading ramps, recreational facilities, halls entertainment and sports, and many other objects!

Radiant tube heaters

Full range of high quality gas-fired appliances, working on the principle of heating by infrared radiation of low intensity (on the same principle as the sun), was launched on an industrial scale by ROBERTS GORDON ® innovative development in 1963 CORAYVAC ® system with vacuum exhaust discharge. Layout CORAYVAC ® with radiant tubes ensures high fuel efficiency and comfort of the user through an appropriate - with a wide range - burner. Additional facilities include a combustion fan and automatic ignition. The burners are manufactured in the thermal power from 10 kW to 30 kW. Increased efficiency results from the application of heat-treated tubes, aluminum reflectors unique design and modern solution to the construction of the burner. In addition, multiple burner systems can be connected to one gas pump reducing the number of chimneys needed to pass the structural elements of the building. Esthetics of the room can be achieved by applying additional decorative shutters to guide a stream of energy flowing from the ceiling. A wide range of radiant tube length, a linear or a U and under the burners of series Blackheat ® means that they are suitable for most industrial and service companies. Power range varies from 15 kW to 50 kW for the U-tube and 15 kW to 55 kW for linear systems. Both models have a tube Aluminised decisive cooked with very high durability of the device (even a few years). Choice of linear systems of double and multiple burner gives the customer the possibility of optimal design of heat. The use of multiple burner systems are supported by a gas pump reduces the number of towers to go through the building components and reducing installation costs. For a small service facilities ideal solution is to use tubes of compact design with a series of U-CARIBE ®. They are available in version 9 kW and 12 kW. The heater tubes are used Aluminised cooked. CARIBE ® heaters are factory assembled for quick installation, and optionally adapted for without chimney exhaust and supply air for combustion.

Ceramic heaters

The newest addition to the line Blackheat ® are radiant heaters Blackheat ® PH which panel type devices, high-intensity radiation. Compact mounted heaters provide heat in exactly the place where it is in greatest demand. Fired by natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) heaters are designed for industrial and service facilities, and have the power of 9 kW, 18 kW, 29 kW, 38 kW or 46 kW. Ceramic burner housings are made of durable steel aluminised and headlights - aluminum with high reflectivity. Series is equipped with an automatic spark ignition and security system and emergency shutdown without a permanent ban.

Przykłady instalacji wykonanych w Polsce

Examples of installations made in Poland
Poland has made dozens of heating units with ROBERTS GORDON ®. These are different objects such as industrial halls in OPOCZNO SA, RABA II Dobczyce, Blachotrapez Rabka, Factory gratings in Niepołomice, NOVOCON in Radomsko POLREND in Zabierzów Energobudowa in Czestochowa, the furniture production plants (Drewit-Krakow, Senator - Szczecin), manufacture of windows (Starglass-Ostrołęka, Euro Window - Casimir the Great), school sports halls in Inwałdzie, Padua National Zakliczyn, Tuchów, tennis courts in Piaseczno, Lublin, commercial buildings: Suder & Suder network, Andoria SA 

For further product information ROBERTS-GORDON please contact us (Tel. +48 12 4217940 - e-mail: biuro@technoheat.pl) or please have a look at the following address: www.rg-inc.com



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