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About us

Dear Sirs,

In connection with our information campaign concerning heating devices offered by our Company, I have the pleasure to forward to you some materials presenting our offer related to gas and oil heating devices.


Short history,

Our company originates from, created in 1992, Mechanical Services in Poland Sp. z o.. based in Płońsk. In 1998, as a result of organisational changes in Mechanical Services in Poland Sp. z o.o., we took over from our predecessor a complete offer concerning heating devices for applications in industrial facilities, warehouses, workshops, service, public utility buildings etc.. We operate throghout Poland in technical consulting, design support and picking of heating devices. We can also - if the investor requests - assume the role of the contractor.

All devices proposed by us are produced by known and recognised American and British companies. We cooperate with American company Roberts-Gordon Inc., which is a pioneer and present world leader in heating radiating pipes and UK company POWRMATIC Lrd. - leading European manufacturer of devices for warm air flow heating.


The first group of our deives are,

infrared gas radiators from Roberts-gordon Inc. (USA)/


Company Roberts-Gordon INC. has unique reputation, confirmed by 41-year long experience in the US, UK or Europe in production of radiating gas in heating systems in industrial and commercial structures. The power of radiating pipes offered on the Polish market is from 9 to 55 kW.

The heating method by infrared radiation is characterized by exceptional thermal comfort in the heated building, reduced maintenance costs as compared to traditional heating by convection, high power efficency, gas savings, quiet work. The best destination for this heating system are large surfaces (cubatures) for storage, manufacturing, commercial use, since generated energy warms directly the people - not only, as in convection methods, large amounts of surrounding air. Experience in operation of this system in combination with possessed certificates (Certificate of the British Gas Division for Tests and Certification, BSRIA, Certificate "B" of insitute of Petroleum Mining and gas Utilization in Krakow) prove that Roberts-Gordon Inc. products are safe for people and the environment and worth trust.


The second group of our devices are

blow-in gas and oil heaters of POWRMATIC Ltd.


POWRMATIC Ltd. was established in 1960 and, still developing, has reached the present level of the leading company on the European market in medium and high-power air heaters (form 12kW to 860kW). This equipment may be used for air heating of commercial, service buildings, churches, sport halls, theatres, production halls, workshops and ware houses (even with very large cubatures). These are diaphragm heaters (heated air stream and waste gas stream are separated). They can work in the so-called direct air blow system in rooms where they are installed as well as in channel air blow system. They have Polish Certificates for safety sign "B" and Certificates of Compliance with regard to power effectiveness. They are characterizes by high efficency, low emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere and the so-called 24-hour security system (operation-free). We can boast of a few dozen units working in Poland (in sport, industrial, church buildings).

We want to add at this point that our offer, apart from high technical level of the products, is very attractive pricewise - often American and British equipment offered by us have won price competition with other products of this type imported from other European countires.

I hope that my shortly presented offer of Techno Heat Sp. z o.o., containing environmentally-firendly industrial heating devices, will be confirmed in your opinion.

Our offer in propoes solutions is focused on storage halls, distribution centres, production and sport halls. Owing to various conditions of exploitation of buildings, different requirements from the investors, our offer includes two heating technologies most popular in this type of buldings, being:

• gas infrared radiators (produced by U.S. company Roberts-Gordon Inc.)

• gas air heaters (produced by British company POWRMATIC Ltd.)


In Poland many times we have delivered both types of systems to large investment projects.

At this point let me mention several of them:


- OPOCZNO S.A. factory - on the area of about 10 hectares of production halls with max. height of 25m a system of Roberts-Gordon infrared gas raidiators with total power of approx. 6 000 kW.


- ANDORIA S.A. factory - in a production hall measuring approx. 276 x 84m a system of Roberts-Gordon infrared gas radiators with total power of approx. 2 700 kW.


- Żerań Distribution Center Warsaw - in 4 storage-distribution halls with the total area of approx. 49 000m2 a system of POWRMATIC gas air heaters with total power of approx. 5 000 kW.


- EastWave Building Błonie - in 9 storage0distribution halls with the total area of approx. 135 000m2 a system of POWRMATIC gas air heaters with total power of approx. 5 800kW.


- McLane Błonie - in 2 storage halls (dimesions approx. 100 x 100 x 11m each) two systems of special POWRMATIC gas air heaters with total power of approx. 1 600 kW (very modern solution for heating high storage warehouses)


- FAURECJA S.A. Wałbrzych - in production halls with the total area of more than 20 000m2 a system of POWRMATIC gas air heaters with total power of approx. 2 200 kW.


We are ready to offer our experience and our suppliers' experience with regard to heating large cubature buildings.


Yours faithfully,

Janusz Leszczyński, MSc Eng.

President, Techno Heat Sp. z o.o.



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